BIBLICAL TOUR 2    8d/7 nights 



Day 1 Arrive Athens,trsf to htl dinner


Day 2 Athens tour Acropolis,Mars Hill where St Paul talked to the Judges.

See Constitution Square (Syntagma), the House of Parliament, the memorial to the Unknown Soldier and the University, the Academy and the National Library. Driving down Herodes Atticus street and the Evzones in their picturesque uniforms and the Presidential Palace. On your way to the Acropolis you will see the Panathenaic Stadium (where the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in 1896), the Temple of Olympia Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch. On the Acropolis hill, you will visit the architectural masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens: The Propylee, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and finally the Parthenon – the monument that “puts order in the mind” and “is harmony between material and spirit” Beneath the Acropolis is the Areopagus or Mars Hill. This is where St. Paul made his famous “Men of Athens” speech revealing a considerable knowledge of the Greek philosophy and character


Day3 Corinth tour, St Paul Bema, o/n Athens

Drive to Corinth following closely the same route Paul took during his journey. After a short stop at the Corinth Canal, which connects the Aegean and Ionian Seas, we will arrive in Ancient Corinth. We will visit the ruins of Corinth, where St. Paul worked with Aquila and Priscilla. Included are the first century shops, the Agora, Temple of Apollo and the Bema Seat


Day 4 Meteora Monasteries and o/n Meteora

This morning we'll visit the spectacular Meteora. Here are the famous Cenobitic Monasteries that are perched precariously on top of huge and precipitous columns of rock that rise up out of the ground, thereby giving rise to the name “Meteora,” which means “in the air.” It was in the 11th century that the first hermits sought refuge in the caves of Meteora where the solitude and spectacular vistas enhanced the mystic way of life. Eventually the hermits began to group together in monasteries whose buildings were decorated with frescoes and icons by the great artists of the day


Day 5 Veria,St Paul Bema and on to Thessaloniki

Following breakfast we’ll travel to Berea where Paul established a small church.  View the reconstructed steps of the bema (or rostrum) and see the newly placed mosaics of Paul and the plaque of scripture regarding the "more noble" church (Acts 17:1-13).  Visit the Jewish Quarter


Day 6 Philippi ,where St Paul lived and baptized Lydia; Kavala,Thessaloniki

Drive to Philippi, where St. Paul delivered his first sermon in Europe, sowing the seeds of Christianity (Acts 16:12-18).  Here St. Paul baptized a certain woman named Lydia, the first Christian convert in Europe.  Visit the Roman forum, and the prison where St. Paul and Silas were thrown. Continue into the modern port city of Kavala, ancient Neapolis, where St. Paul, accompanied by Silas, Luke and Timothy, first set foot in Europe. This ancient city was later renamed Christoupolis because it was the first European city to accept Christianity.


Day 7 Thessaloniki tour,the places St Paul lived and preached ,Athens

Thessaloniki where the New Testament books of I & II Thessalonians will come alive to us today. Visit the old city ramparts; the newly excavated Forum, St. George Church, an ancient Roman monument which was transformed into a church; and the Galerios Arch which rises over the famous Via Egnatia, the road on which Paul walked to Thessaloniki.  It was here in the synagogue that Paul "...reasoned with the Jews and the God-fearing Greeks.


Day 8 Depart


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