7 Churches of Revelation

Day 1. TUE  - USA/Thessaloniki

Departure flight to Thessaloniki. 



Arrive Thessaloniki,meet and transfer to our hotel.

Dinner and accommodation at Thessaloniki.



DAY 3. THU  Thessaloniki-Veria-Philippi- Alexandroupolis

Tour Thessaloniki the places Paul lived and preached. Continue to Veria-Beroia,Paul s Bema,

walk the jewish quarter and continue to Philippi.

Stop near the harbor of Kavala (biblical 

Neapolis), St. Paul’s gateway to Europe - a busy port 

with striking castle and an imposing aqueduct built by 

Suleyman the Magnificent. See the Greek Orthodox 

seaside church (Agia Sofia) that marks Paul’s landing spot. 

From here we will drive to Philippi - As a prosperous 

Roman colony, Philippi had a spacious forum and Agora 

and a theater, which was also a gladiator arena. Nearby 

there is a crypt, which has been honored since the fifth 

century as the place of St. Paul’s first imprisonment, where 

Paul and Silas sang hymns and an earthquake set them 

free. Philippi is the place where the Apostle Paul arrived 

on the mainland of Europe in response to the vision of 

a Macedonian he saw at Troas. Here in Philippi St. Paul 

first preached the Gospel in Europe. Visit Lydia Springs, 

the Baptismal Site. Outside the ancient city, the River 

Gangites still flows through quiet countryside, where St. 

Paul addressed his first European congregations and the 

businesswoman, Lydia - a “seller of purple,” who was the 

first to be baptized. There is a fine chapel commemorating 

this event. 

Later we drive on to the beautiful seaside town of Alexandroupolis for dinner and o/n


DAY 4  FRI - Borders / ISTANBUL 

After breakfast, cross the Greek/Turkish borders and 

drive to Istanbul (formerly called Constantinople). Start 

exploring the city that connects East and West;

Visit Hagia Sophia ,Blue Mosque.

Museums. Dinner and Overnight in Istanbul. 



More tour of Istanbul this morning ;after lunch cross Dardanelles and drive to Canakkale.

Dinner and Overnight in Canakkale


DAY 6 SUN  . Troy,Troas,Pergamum- Kusadasi

Visit ancient Troas (Troy), the perfect 

place to brush up on Homer’s Trojan War and Biblical Troas where Paul had the Vision .

Our journey today continues on the road to the ancient city 

of Pergamum. See the Red Basilica which housed the 1st 

Century Christian Church referred to by John in revelation. 

Visit the Acropolis of Pergamum designed to imitate the 

one in Athens and the Asclepeion Temple once dedicated 

to the Greek god of healing. Revelation 2:12-17 records 

the letter written to the Christian church of Pergamum; 

verse 13 of this passage speaks of “Satan’s seat” being here 

(Pergamum was a center of idolatry). Paul was not allowed 

to preach here.. 

Proceed to Smyrna, Izmir  for dinner and overnight. 


DAY 7. MON  Thyatira,Sardes,Philadelphia,Kusadasi

Today we visit THREE more of the 7 churches, Thyatira, Sardes and Philadelphia.We end our day at Kusadasi..



Visit the most impressive biblical site of 

our trip:Ephesus where Paul first came on his 2nd journey 

(Acts 18:19-21). Ephesus was one of the most beautiful 

cities of ancient world and its former glory can still be 

appreciated today from its well- preserved streets, temples, 

fountains, public baths, terraced houses and theatres. 

Paul returned to Ephesus on his 3rd 

journey, staying and preaching for a period of about two 

years, where “special miracles” were wrought (Acts 19:120, 


Embark our cruiseship, sail by noon.

Early afternoon arrival on the island of Patmos; considered 

a holy island for the Christian religion. It was here in 

Patmos where John the Divine, while in exile, wrote the 

Apocalyptic Revelations, which constitute the last part of 

the New Testament. Disembark and meet with our Guide 

and bus for the Shore excursion on Patmos Island. The tour 

takes you to the monastery of St. John, which still keeps its 

character of a medieval fortress. Inside the walls you will 

be able to admire the Byzantine wealth of the Christian 

Orthodox religion while from its high ground you will 

have the most stunning panoramic view of the luminous 

sea. After the visit of St. John Monastery we proceed to 

the Grotto – the Holy Cave of Apocalypse where St John 

is said to have had the vision of fire and brimstone and 

dictated the book of Revelation. Return to the Port of 

Patmos – free time. Sail


DAY 9  WED.CRUISE: RHODOS; All day call at the port where the Collossus was 

standing at the ancient times…just walking distance  to the medieval town ,the same 

streets the Knights of Rhodos were walking and living.

Tour: Ancient Acropolis of Lindos 



This morning we dock at the legendary island of Crete,land of Minoan civilization,home of Zorbas the Greek

AN OPTIONAL shore excursion is available to  take us to visit the Minoan Palace of Knossos,

where King Minos lived and where the Labyrinth and the Minotaur was located! US$75.00 per person 

Afternoon call at the volcano island of santorini;take the cable car on your own to visit the top of the island

ane enjoy the panoramic view of the famous Caldera. 



This morning, after breakfast disembarkation and you will enjoy a City 

Tour of -Athens – the birthplace of democracy. See 

Constitution Square (Syntagma), the House of Parliament, 

the memorial to the Unknown Soldier and the University, 

the Academie and the National Library. Driving down 

Herodes Atticus Street and the Avzones in their picturesque 

uniforms and the Presidential Palace. On your way to the 

Acropolis you will see the Panathenaic Stadium (where 

the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in 

1896), the Temple of Olympia Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch. 

On the Acropolis mount, you will visit the architectural 

masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens: The Propylee, 

the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and finally 

the Parthenon – the monument that “puts order in the 

mind” and “is harmony between material and spirit”-

In the afternoon we will visit Corinth, where St. Paul 

arrived in A.D. 50-51 to preach Christianity. Stop at the 

archeological site housing many statues and artefacts. The 

site includes the Temple of Apollo; the Roman Agora; the 

Bema Courthouse, where his enemies brought the Apostle 

before Gallio; the pavement inscription of Erastus; the 

Roman Lechaion Road and the lower Fountain of Peirene. 

It was in Corinth that St. Paul wrote First Thessalonians 

and also, most likely, his Epistle to the Romans. Also, it 

was here that Paul encountered a multiple of problems in 

the congregation that seem to continue in today’s churches. 

Dinner & overnight at our hotel in Athens.



Breakfast at our Hotel and transfer to the airport in time for 

our morning flight home 




1 nt Thessaloniki First class Hotel HB (B,D)
1 nt Alexandroupolis First class hotel HB

Borders crossing

1 nt Istanbul first class hotel HB

1 nt Cannakale first class htl HB

1 nt Izmir first class HB (B,D)

1 nt Kusadasi,first class hotel HB

Cruise Kusadasi to Pireaus ,Tue to Friday,in Inside cabins ,incl Turkish embarkation fee

Patmos Shore excursion

1 nt Athens ,first clas htl HB

Touring as per itinerary