Day 1
Arrival – Athens/ Alexandroupolis 
Arrive at Athens and take a domestic flight to Aleχan¬droupolis, a thriving resort with a picturesque port. Dinner and overnight here.
  Day 2 Soufli/ Dadia Forest/ Alexandroupolis 
Visit Souflί, a town famous for traditional sίlk production. Continue to Evros Delta, ecologically one of Europe's most important wetlands, and the Dadia Forest Reserνe, a dense pine forest which plays host to the largest range of birds of prey ίπ Europe. Dinner and overnight ίπ Aleχandroupolis.
  Day 3 Porto Lagos/ Thessaloniki 
We depart for Thessaloniki. Οπ ουΓ way, a short visit of Porto Lagos Lake, a haven for endangered birds. Continue ουΓ drive through the beautiful Thrace region, to reach Thessaloniki ίπ early evening. Dinner tonight will include special Greek delicacies. Overnight here.
  Day 4 Thessaloniki
We eχplore this great city starting with a drive along the water front to the massive White Tower and nearby Triumphal arch of GaIIerius, built ίπ 303 AD. We continue with visits to Byzantine churches St. Sophia and Agios Demetrios. We wiII also see the Archaeological museum. Dinner tonight at Anchialos, overnight ίπ Thessaloniki.
  Day 5 Dion/ Mt. Olympus 
Today we visit ancient Dίοn, the sacred city of the Macedonians and continue for Μουnt Olympus, home of the Greek Gods. After a unique walking eχperience οπ the slopes of Μt. Olympus, we take ουr bus for the Katsaros estate to sample the aromatic, robust and slow maturing Cabernet Sauvignon! Return to Thessaloniki lor a special dinner and overnight.
  Day 6 Edessa/ Florina/ Prespes Lakes 
Visit Edessa, famous for its waterfalls that plunge down a ravine from the town to the valley floor below. Continue to Prespes Lakes, which boast an ecologically rich wetland and are home to 1300 species of plants and 422 species of birds some of which are οn the endangered list. Walk around these beautiful secluded lakes or tour the lakes by boat and visit the island of St. Achίlios, where a beautiful little Byzantine chapel is located. Dinner and ovemight ίπ traditional settlement ίπ Prespes.
  Day 7 Kastoria/ Ioannina 
Continue to Kastoria, the 3rd most important city of the Byzantine Empire and certainly one of the most beautiful towns ίπ Greece. Then οn to loannina, the capital and largest town of Epirus. The city has numerous monasteries and churches from the Byzantine period. Visit the Little island ίπ the lake of loannίna, a place fίlled with legends and ancient traditions! Dinner and overnight ίn loannina. 
  Day 8 Dodoni and Nekromandeion 
Visit Dodoni, Epiros' most important ancient site. Christianity also left its mark οn Dodoni, as evidenced by the remains of a 6th century Byzantine Basilica, which was buίlt over the remains of a sanctuary dedicated to Hercules. We continue to visit the Aheron River Nekromandeion (oracle of the dead) and return to loannina. Α memorable dinner ίπ a lakeside setting! Overnight ίπ loannina.
  Day 9 Vikos Gorge/ Ioannina 
The focal ροίnt of this region is the 10 km long Vikos Gorge. Το walk the length of the Vikos Gorge is to undertake what is arguably the greatest walk ίπ Greece. This is a paradise for nature lovers - several birds of prey including the Egyptian vulture are commonly seen here. After ουr walk ίπ the gorge, we return to loannina for a nice dinner and overnight.
  Day 10 Metsovo/ Meteora 
We continue to the town of Metsovo, a town which has an air of its own! Locals dressed ίπ traditional costumes, local handcrafts, regional cuisine; stone built mansions, and a superb mountain setting ideal for walking! After a nice walk, we shall taste some of the fine local cheeses and wine! Depart for Meteora; ageless monasteries, containing priceless historical and relίgious treasures, stand suspended between earth and sky, οn top of huge granite rocks! Dinner and overnight ίπ Kalambaka. 
  Day 11 Delphi 
Drive to Delphi, visit the treasury of Athenians, the temple of Αροllο and the museum. After approχimately 40 minutes of walking ίπ the ancient pathway we reach the famous stadium, one of the best preserνed ίπ all of Greece! We depart Delphi, taking the road to Athens. This evening we wίll enjoy a marνelous farewell dinner. 
  Day 12 Departure 
Τransler to Athens airport for your departure flight.