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Discovering Alexander the Great Tour 8 Days

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Day 1 - Arrival Thessaloniki

Arrival in Thessaloniki airport. Meet and transfer to your hotel. Introductory lecture on Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Dynasty. Dinner.

Day 2 - Vergina & Veria

The Founding of Macedonian Empire- What was Alexander's inheritance from his father Philip II?

Today we visit Vergina the first capital of Macedonia, where we will admire its treasures. This is where the Royal Tombs of Philip and Alexander's only son are. Although their relationship was strained after Philip's second marriage, it was Philip's vision that Alexander realised by conquering the East We also visit Veria a very Important city in the years of Philip and Alexander. Dinner.

Day 3 - Pella, Mieza & Lefkadia

The Forming of Alexander the Great - What were the events and powers that shaped young Alexander?

This morning we visit the ancient city of Pella, where Alexander the Great was born. On to Mieza, by the foot of Mt. Vermion near Naoussa, where Aristotle's school was and Alexander was educated, Aristotle of Stagira was both Alexander's tutor and spiritual father of the Hellenistic Age. On to Lefkadia, where a large number of ancie nt royal Macedonia n tombs we re found. Before discovering Vergina, archaeologists considered Its location to be the capital of Macedonia. Dinner

Day 4 - Dion, Walking tour of Enippeas Valley & Pydna

The Ancient Gods that protected him- What was Alexander's relationship with the supernatural?

Today we will tour in the company of our university lecturer. Visit Dion, the sacred city of the Macedonians, at the foot of Mt. Olympus, where Zeus and other deities were worshiped. Alexander organised Olympic Garnes here. Alexander was believed to be a son of gods, descendant in the male line of Heracles and Perseus and from his mother's side of Achilles. Walking tour of the Valley of Enippeas river in the shadow of the sacred mountain. We shall take advantage of our time here by giving some thought to Alexander, his achievements and complex personality. We shall also pass Pydna, where the battle between Cassander and Olympias, Alexander's mother, took place ending in her defeat. Dinner.

Day 5 - Thessaloniki city tour

Alexander's Foes and Heirs - What became of Alexander's Empire?

Alexander's empire, the largest that the work! had known till then, was quickly built. At his death it disintegrated even more quickly. Alexander's more important followers, later known as the Diadochi, sought to increase their personal power in a bloody scramble. Today we take a tour of the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, built after Alexander's death by his heir to the throne of Macedonia, Cassander. The city was named after Alexander's half-sister whom Cassander married to strengthen his claim to the throne. Dinner.

Day 6 - Amphipolis

The Base of Operations - How did Alexander organise his army?

Our tour takes us to Amphipolis, the port-city where an army from all over Greece assembled: 32,000 men. It was one of the toughest and most professional armies in the ancient world. A large part of the Macedonian army and navy remained there in the years of Alexander's campaigns. Dinner and overnight in the charming town of Kavala.

Day 7 - Philippi & Olynthos

The riches of Macedonia - How did Alexander fund his campaign against Persia?

We visit Philippi, a city built in a strategic spot and very rich from the Paggaion gold mines. It was the site of Philip and Alexander's mint. We also see Olynthos, the city completely destroyed by Philip when they allied themselves with Athens. Beautiful Chalkidiki was the mythical battlefield where the Olympian gods defeated the Gigantes (Giants). Returning to Thessaloniki we will view Mt. Athos, the holy peninsula that is now a monastery state. Alexander greatly admired its beauty and when an artist offered to carve his face on it, he strictly forbade its defacement. Tonight a symposium; dinner of ancient Greek dishes followed by a discussion on Alexander's enigmatic personality.

Day 8 - Departure

Transfer to the airport to board your departure flight home


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Created with Sketch. Thessaloniki, Greece
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